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TOP Allergy Remedies

TOP Allergy Remedies

Herbal Program for Allergy Remedies.
Natural formulations act gradually but effectively to eliminate existing allergic reactions.
Powerful detox and immunity restorationcompletely remove all signs of allergies from the body.

8 effective natural remedies for allergies (nutraceuticals*): 

  1. Sequence extract
  2. Burdock extract
  3. Dandelion extract
  4. nettle extract
  5. Chamomile extract
  6. Yarrow extract
  7. Hypericum extract

    *Nutraceuticals are food products, herbal extracts

    Plant extracts (lat.Extractum)  - concentrate (extract) extracted from a medicinal plant, which includes all the beneficial substances that are contained in the plant.
    About what plant extracts are, which ones you can read in our Blog. More >>
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