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TOP Allergy Remedies

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Herbal Program for Allergy Remedies.
Natural formulations act gradually but effectively to eliminate existing allergic reactions.
Powerful detox and immunity restorationcompletely remove all signs of allergies from the body.

8 effective natural remedies for allergies (nutraceuticals*): 

  1. Sequence extract
  2. Burdock extract
  3. Dandelion extract
  4. nettle extract
  5. Chamomile extract
  6. Yarrow extract
  7. Hypericum extract

    *Nutraceuticals are food products, herbal extracts

    Plant extracts (lat.Extractum)  - concentrate (extract) extracted from a medicinal plant, which includes all the beneficial substances that are contained in the plant.
    About what plant extracts are, which ones you can read in our Blog. More >>