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Crust of roslin and their extracts

In the process of human development, people accumulated knowledge about the action and properties of various plants through their own experience, observation of animals, and research activities.

Six thousand years ago, the Sumerians used fresh herbs, powders and tinctures, using water and wine as solvents. As early as the second millennium BC. The Assyrians widely used flax, datura, and black cohosh. The ancient Egyptians used the healing properties of aloe, anise, blackberry, mint, castor and other plants mentioned in the so-called "Ebers Papyrus", where they were divided into laxatives, vomit, hemostatic.

As medicinal plants at the beginning of the XXI century are widely used St. John's wort, calendula, chamomile, yarrow, mother-and-stepmother, dog rose, sea buckthorn, licorice, plantain, mint, sage, comfrey, cranberry, cranberry, raspberry, dill, parsley, calamus and many others.

Many of these plants and their extracts we use in the production of Yvonika products. It is to them that we owe the high efficiency and usefulness of our range.

In recent years, in Ukraine and many other countries around the world there has been a sharp increase in demand for products made from natural raw materials. Thus, in herbal medicine, nutrition and pharmacy have long been used dried herbs, which have proven themselves in the treatment of many diseases. But the most popular extracts are due to the concentrated content of nutrients in the composition.Our company uses a method of plant extraction called eutectic genesis, which allows you to get the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and elements from any medicinal plant, which significantly increases the efficiency of plant products.

We want to conclude that despite its centuries-old history and the beginning of industrial synthetic production, the plant industry has not lost its value, but on the contrary continues to develop and become increasingly popular. Discover new horizons of nature's gifts with us!