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Diseases about which they prefer to remain silent

A person suffering from hemorrhoids, prostatitis or impotence delays a visit to the doctor, because shame is stronger than pain and discomfort," says our client Vsevolod, who allowed us to share his story of recovery.

Vsevolod, please tell me why you decided to voice your story for our audience?

- I would like to convince other men not to repeat my mistakes. Life is one and it should be enjoyed.

What errors do you mean?

- I am a representative of a sedentary profession. In this regard, I experienced all the horrors of coexistence with hemorrhoids: from unbearable itching and pain to panic fear of going to the toilet. But the fear and shame of visiting a proctologist was even greater. About 2 years after I started having hemorrhoids, I started having potency for the first time. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. But he did not go to the doctor, justifying his condition with stress, due to an emergency at work.

The next stage of my "disbeliefs" is prostatitis. And again thanks to work. A sedentary lifestyle causes impaired blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, and this causes the penetration of infections into the prostate gland. I didn't know how to treat prostatitis, and I couldn't stand the pain, so I went to the doctor. Sex with prostatitis was out of the question, so I didn't think about my potency. However, the prostatitis went away, but the potency did not. I was in despair, I was taking stimulants. Perhaps the bad potency, the causes of which were unknown to me, would never have left me. But I had an external hemorrhoid, I didn't know how to treat it, so I turned to a doctor.

- Do you want to say that weak potency in men and hemorrhoids are related?

- So! Hemorrhoids cause erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, lack of sex drive and potency.

Tell me, please, how did you overcome all this?

- In the end, I turned to a proctologist, a urologist, and a sexologist. The doctors selected effective courses of treatment for me. Many thanks to Yvonika™ for my recovery, because I used Profanazil, Alfin Combo and Vikostan in combination with medications . Profanazil capsules became my savior from hemorrhoids. Vikostan drops helped to quickly overcome prostatitis. And thanks to Alfin Combo , I forgot about potency. I take and will continue to take drugs from Yvonika™ for prevention. And I urge all men: do not waste your life on diseases, live fully.