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TOP Body cleansers (Natural detox)

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Herbal remedies for complete detoxification of the body.
Natural detox, acting gradually and powerfully, not only in the process of cleansing the body,but also in the process of regeneration of the cellular immunity system.

The 5 Best Detox Herbal Extracts  - body cleansing (nutraceuticals*):

  1. Extract Shiitake 
  2. Laminaria extract
  3. Aronia Extract
  4. Rosehip Extract
  5. Sage Extract

     - these are food products, plant extracts.

    Plant extracts(lat.Extractum)   - concentrate (extract) extracted from a medicinal plant, which includes all useful substances, what are contained in the plant.
    You can read about what plant extracts are, which are available in our Blog.  More >>