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TOP Means for the health of the cardiovascular system

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Plant-enhancing software < span style="font-family: Helvetica;"> cardiovascular system.
Natural remedies act gradually —  effective improvement of the heart muscle, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, normalizing blood pressure. Help to thin the blood, thicken the blood.

5 of the best herbal extracts for the heart and blood vessels (nutraceuticals*): 

  1. Rosehip Extract
  2. Extract  Cranberries
  3. Extract shiitake mushroom
  4.   Red Grape
  5. Leaf extract Hibiscus

    *Nutraceuticals  - these are food products, plant extracts

    Plant extracts (lat.Extractum) 
     - a concentrate (extract) extracted from medicinal plant, which includes all the beneficial substances that are contained in the plant. 
    About what plant extracts are, what are can be read in our Blog.  More >>