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TOP Means for the normalization of blood pressure

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Herbal Program Blood Pressure Remedies.< /b>
The gentle action of natural compounds effectively helps to normalize blood pressure. These are drugs recommended for hypertension, hypotension, arrhythmias .

7 best herbal extracts that normalize blood pressure (nutraceuticals*): 

  1. Extract red clover
  2. Extract  Yarrow
  3. Extract Motherwort
  4. Extract Melissa
  5.   Hawthorn
  6. Extract  rosehip
  7. Extract  chokeberry

*Nutraceuticals  - these are food products, plant extracts

Plant extracts (lat.Extractum) 
 - a concentrate (extract) extracted from medicinal plant, which includes all the beneficial substances that are contained in the plant. 
About what plant extracts are, which ones you can read in our Blog.  More >>