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Top remedies to improve memory and brain function

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Biphasic programs memory aids and brain function.
Natural remedies, work gradually, but effectivelyfor brain activity. These are the drugsthat improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

5 best natural active activators that improve brain activity (nutraceuticals*)  recognized: 

  1. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract
  2. Rosemary leaf extract
  3. Parsley Root Extract
  4. Thyme herb extract
  5. Green tea leaf extract

    * Nutraceuticals  - are foodstuffs, plant extracts

    Plant extracts (lat.Extractum) 
      - concentrate (extract) extracted from a medicinal plant, which includes all the useful substances contained in the plant. 
    You can read about what plant extracts are and what they are in our Blog.  Read more >>