St. Day Mykola and Rizdvo

St. St. Nicholas and Christmas are truly bright, good and beloved holidays for children and adults. At this time, real miracles are happening, and a miracle floats in the air and changes the world.
According to a good tradition, we organize congratulations for children on St. Nicholas every year.
Seeing burning eyes, laughter and admiration is the best reward.
Boys and girls make wishes and sincerely believe that a miracle will happen.
This is a traditional holiday when each of us can make a little
a miracle for another, we also want to believe that we managed to bring a piece of this little miracle for children and make it a reality.
These fabulous days are especially important to spend with family and friends, with good friends.
Therefore, St. Nicholas and his angelic helpers went to visit their youngest friends to please the children with sweet gifts and give them a good mood.
The kids really enjoyed the holiday. The children sang songs, told their cherished wishes and dreams.
They played and had fun. And after they got the bags of sweets,
we were looking forward to when it will be possible to taste sweets, because all candies are special in gifts from St. Nicholas.
We are grateful to all educators, teachers and employees of educational institutions
for honest and conscientious work for the benefit of our children, for a warm welcome within the walls
your institution. Your hearts are boundless, because working with children requires it
a lot of spiritual strength, dedication, kindness and mercy.
We sincerely congratulate everyone! We wish you good health, fun, smiles and
happy moments! Be happy, and we will always be there for you and always support you! ”
Friendly staff

FEMMA Trade and Production Company (Yvonika «)
The company "FEMMA" (Yvonika «) in Dobrosyn institution of general secondary education of I-III degrees of Dobrosyn-Magerivska village council of Lviv district of Lviv region
(Photo from the holiday)

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