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TOP 3 most common visual problems

You have 100% vision” is a phrase that millions of people around the world would like to hear from an ophthalmologist. We were not mistaken in speaking of millions, since according to the WHO, about 300 million people inhabiting our planet suffer from visual impairments. Among the most common are hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism, that is, diseases caused by refractive error. 43% of the world's population faced such problems.

What is farsightedness is best explained to you by the one who suffers from it. But the term itself speaks for itself. A person is able to see objects at a distance. It would seem to be wonderful. If not for one nuance: objects that are closer than the far-sighted see fuzzy and blurry. A far-sighted person is very easy to recognize: he holds the phone at arm's length to dial a number. As a rule, such people are forced to wear glasses with convex lenses.

Knowing what farsightedness is, it is easy to understand what myopia is, a visual impairment in which a person sees well only a close location. Objects at a far distance are unattainable for myopic vision. Unlike a far-sighted person who suffers from myopia, on the contrary, everything pulls as close as possible to the eyes in order to see. Ophthalmologists again resort to vision correction with glasses with concave lenses.

Astigmatism is a visual disorder caused by a deformity or curvature of the cornea or lens. An astigmatist sees objects and images as blurry and fuzzy. About 150 million people in the world have faced such a problem. The most frequent method of vision correction is all the same glasses.

Among the key causes of the above eye diseases is genetics. Farsightedness, myopia and astigmatism are usually hereditary and are inherited from relatives. Very often, the disease progresses due to the fact that a person delays a visit to an ophthalmologist for a long time, or is embarrassed to wear glasses. Surgery, as a method of vision correction, is also often excluded by people, which is associated with various factors: the high cost of such services, unreasonable fear of losing vision, and the like. Yvonika™ is committed to helping its customers, which is why we have found an effective way to improve eye health.

How to improve vision without glasses?

To the question, “what to do if your eyesight is poor?”, as a rule, doctors often answer that you should wear glasses. However, glasses are just a tool to enhance the clarity of vision. Skeptics are firmly convinced that vision, once reduced, can no longer be raised. However, Yvonika™ is capable of doing the impossible. We know how to improve eye health and increase the percentage of vision.

Our company works closely with leading ophthalmologists in Ukraine, who, together with their clients, are convinced that the use of Ormivir eye vitamins from Yvonika™ is a chance for a person to see better without wearing glasses.

Ormivir - the best vitamins for the eyes

And this is not an unfounded phrase. The sight of the one who does nothing for this does not rise, but obediently wears glasses. People who are looking for ways to improve their vision find us and take Ormivir drops , thanks to which they begin to see objects more clearly after a short time. Ormivir is a drug made on the basis of natural, environmentally friendly plant extracts that have proved to be effective and productive in ophthalmology. The composition of the drops includes exclusively plant components containing a complex of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals necessary to improve vision. The collected plants undergo special processing, during which all their useful properties are preserved.

Ormivir is not a drug that is enough to drink once to make eyesight like a falcon. Drops are drugs with a cumulative effect, so they should be taken daily. You should also understand that in addition to taking drops, you should follow all the recommendations of the ophthalmologist, forget about bad habits, monitor your diet, which should be balanced and complete, spend a lot of time outdoors. That is, you need to do everything so that your vision does not have a chance to deteriorate, but create the most favorable conditions for its improvement.

The course of treatment with Ormivir is three months. But we are sure that in a month, when your eyes begin to see better and more clearly, you will see that Ormivir is your best eye vitamins. Therefore, if you are also among those who are looking for how to improve their eyesight, then Yvonika is at your service.