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What is anorexia?

"Anorexia is a mental illness that consists in a categorical refusal to eat, caused by a lack of acceptance of one's own body, and is accompanied by a rapid drop in weight. The disease is taken seriously only by those who have faced it personally and overcome it," says our client, who is now in excellent physical, mental and emotional shape.

"For as long as I can remember, I belonged to the category of those whom my relatives pull on my cheeks and call me a donut. In kindergarten, I was the last one everywhere. And in my school years, I got the nickname "fat", because of which I often sobbed. The turning point was the taunting of the guy I liked. And I decided to prove to everyone that I can also have a graceful figure. I refused to eat, caused a vomiting reflex. I was happy when my weight began to drop rapidly. Until one day she fell by herself. I started to faint. And the parents started sounding the alarm. It's good that I was diagnosed with anorexia in time and prescribed adequate treatment, one of the effective points of which was the use of Anorevatop .

Symptoms of anorexia: when to sound the alarm?

The first marker of anorexia is an obsession to lose weight. I became actively interested in diets and methods of losing weight, and later I gave up food, trying to hide it from my parents. Then other symptoms of anorexia appeared: exhausting sports, use of antidepressants and weight loss drugs, vomiting reflex up to complete rejection of food, rapid weight loss, health problems.

Treatment of anorexia

I was diagnosed with the second stage of anorexia, which requires treatment with psychotherapy, diet therapy and drug therapy. Fortunately,  Anorevatop  from Yvonika™ was listed in the list of medications. This is a complex preparation, which contains biocomponents, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of natural origin vitally necessary for the body. I am convinced that it was this drug that got me back on my feet. After all, he "saturated" my exhausted body with the necessary trace elements and gave me back the "taste" of life. I became self-confident, forgot about stress, and restored my health. Thanks to  Anorevatop,  anorexia has left me.”